Lisbon part two, Lisbon fuck you

Emailed to me last night. Don’t agree with the sentiment but this guy/guys are massively talented. Fas, John O’Donoghue, Dev, NAMA, Ryan Report, Water Charges all mentions in this hiphop video.

Lisbon part two, Lisbon fuck you
We should vote no if we love our freedom

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8 Responses to “Lisbon part two, Lisbon fuck you”

  1. Hellbrain says:

    Just put my yes vote in the box. Purely because the majority of no voters are thick-skulled plebs.

  2. Have to say the video is well put together and i even like the tune. Good find

  3. Dermot Keyes says:

    Very well put together video and an excellent social comment which would reflect the views of many people out there. I also don’t agree with its sentiment but it’s hard to avoid feeling a little uneasy while watching it. Hope everyone votes today, irrespective of whether you think the EU is the best thing since sliced bread or if you think it’s about to kidnap your kids.

  4. Tom Doyle says:

    @hellbrain says the person with Che Guevara as his avatar. :rollseyes:

  5. Cian Connaughton says:

    I’m disappointed he didn’t throw in some stuff about the pension levy, fox hunting, gambling, TV licences and immigrants – it’s only a half decent wild rant as it currently stands…

  6. John says:

    Very well put together I think

  7. Hellbrain says:

    @Tom Doyle,

    That’s Josef Fritzl. Tard.

  8. Tom Doyle says:

    @Hellbrain Lovely….