Innovation in Ireland, the IDA and knowledge sharing

Previously on the Mulley soapbox I mentioned a blogger evening with the IDA I was involved with. I’ve met with the IDA a few times and they do appear to get the idea that the group is more intelligent than the individual and the network is more intelligent than the group. Thus eminating from meetings and the blogger briefing is the Innovation Ireland LinkedIn Discussion group, facilitated by the IDA and with people interested/concerned/working in the future of Ireland contributing to all forms of discussion on current innovation in Ireland, on what other countries are doing and what Ireland should be doing.

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I’ve already expressed strong opinions on the death of manufacturing in Ireland and how those that moan about the demise are as bad as the taxi drivers complaining about the inevitability of inevitability. There are close to 200 members of this LinkedIn Group and more opinons are welcomed. Lots of news resources being shared in the group. Don’t be afraid to join and point to a blog post of yours if it covers that topic. In addition we need to accept the situation we’re in and move on. Too much shoegazing and concentrating on the past and all the bad stuff that was done, talking about what others have done and how we can achieve through innovation is better than writing only about job losses, I hope.

A conversation seems to be slowly happening on value added services and proper design thinking these days. I was at DIT (where Seán Haughey got that welcome) this week where some Swedish people as well as Seán McNulty from Innovator talked about Innovation as a way of saving money and increasing business. This was part of their Quality of Life exhibition. Innovation is not just about product design and it’s not about bunging money into R&D. We talk about sales focus, marketing and PR focus, maybe we should ask everyone in every business conversation about how they’re innovating?

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  1. dahamsta says:

    If the group and the network are more intelligent than the individual, the individual that decided Fianna Fail should be in Government at the last election must be a turnip. A retarded turnip.

    Or Martin Cullen, as he’s formally known.

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