Fluffy Links – Friday October 2nd 2009

Enjoy voting today. Shame there’s no option for “Yeah ok but you lot are still gobdaws”

On that. Brilliant John O’Donoghue poster.

Great post from Des Traynor on building a web app and then growing it and finally selling it. One of the most pragmatic posts on this area I’ve read.

Making money from twitter and people who want text updates if people reply to them. People said this would not work for bebo and they were wrong. Maith and fear AgTweet.

Desktop app to monitor your o2 bill/usage.

Asda staff member records himself being a cock, sticks video online. Asda lets their own staff respond on YouTube.

o2 are blocking websites now?

Enterprise Ireland’s IdeaGen:

A new initiative that is designed to inspire, inform and connect Ireland’s brightest innovators and entrepreneurs inSouth-East region between October and December 2009.

Good news for CEBs and grants too.

Hi, how are you? iPhone App. For Daniel Johnson fans.

General Petraeus is one badass mofo. Really. Watched too many Clint Eastwood movies?

G’wan Keith Floyd:

2 Responses to “Fluffy Links – Friday October 2nd 2009”

  1. Emmet Ryan says:

    Damn that’s some serious manliness there from Petraeus.