TV shows of note – As suggested by you

Been asking on Twitter what TV shows you thought were worth watching. My own comments added.

Mad Men is now a given. Glee too. (I’m in love with Glee at the moment)

Others suggested were:
True Blood (watched Series 1, meh to be honest)
Generation Kill (Bloody amazing)
Breaking Bad (Saw two episodes and saw it as just Weeds)

Cougar Town

Flash Forward

Peep Show
Damages (Series 1 was ok, 2 bored me quickly)
Nurse Jackie (great first few episodes but grows boring)
Lipstick Jungle

Any others?

12 Responses to “TV shows of note – As suggested by you”

  1. Currently downloading Eastwick:

    Brand new show based on the movie, amazing looking cast

  2. Liam Burke says:

    Would never had watched bsg without the power of twitter.

    Most notable for me were inbetweeners, bones and band of brothers.

  3. Sinéad says:

    Just started watching Community and Modern Family, two new US shows. Really enjoying watching them along side Glee and surprisingly entertaining Melrose Place. The Good Wife and Mercy seem pretty good too.

  4. Paraic says:

    Sons of Anarchy. Series 2 starting soon on FX

  5. tas says:

    i love BSG, cant wait for caprica!
    currently watching the big bang theory

  6. tas says:

    going through the stuff i’ve got, i have one more unlikely recommendation… Little Mosque on the Prairie

    i really like the perspective 😛

  7. TUG says:

    I’ll stick with me old Airwolf boxset…

  8. Andrew says:

    Just saw first episode of Generation Kill and was well impressed. Reminds me a lot of Band of Brothers in that it’s factually based and high on d’realism.

  9. Steve Rawson says:

    Where is Generation Kill being broadcast? Anyone know if the episodes are being repeated anywhere?

    Am a big The Wire fan, The Street was also good. Am always on the look out for quality.

  10. Green Of Eye says:

    I’ve been watching and really enjoying :

    Being Human
    Arrested Development

  11. Gen K is on in the UK at the moment.