Hockey (the band) – Live at the Academy

Saw them last night. Great performers, these lads. The crowd didn’t seem too into it and felt like some were there for a chat. Not at all like the vibe when they supported Passion Pit. Right up front people were chatting away as the band kicked into their first song and chatted all through it. Then the idiots trying to mosh at the end. Remnants of the idiocy from Oxegen?

Fun moment when Orin? volunteered from the crowd to do keyboards for the band. “Do you know how to do a D?” “I do D all the time”

One Response to “Hockey (the band) – Live at the Academy”

  1. hey i was at teh gig last night and only arrived at the end of the support act, i liked their tunes and was wondering did u catch their name coz i didnt. im gonna get hockeys album on i-tunes and wanna check out the support act too=)