Thanks Casting Couch

Ran an event with yesterday evening (more on that later) in the Casting Couch facilities in Fitzwilliam Square. Bord Gais Energy did their blogger thingymajig event there earlier this year. The staff there were beyond helpful and I’ll definitely be doing more events there and that’s not even taking the good value for money it was for renting the place out.

The event involved food and they have no issues bringing your own grub and booze in, handy kitchenette in there and two rooms with wireless, laptop and the likes there. From running other events, hotels can get snooty when you bring in outside food. The Casting Couch is used for event launches, TV/Movie castings (duh) and other bits and bobs. It’s a nice alternative to a hotel situation. Check it out if you’re doing some events.

3 Responses to “Thanks Casting Couch”

  1. Mick says:

    I agree with everything damien mentioned above; this place is highly recommended for all events catering up to 50 or so people. The service you receive from Genieve and Naomi can only be described as excellent and a far cry from that you’d get in most hotels.

  2. Declan Boylan says:

    Yeah, Genevieve truely is one of a kind who will go out of her way to accommodate you with any requests… she also makes a mean coffee 🙂

  3. Jenny says:

    Could not agree more! Nothing is ever too much trouble for Genevieve and her team.