BaNAMA Republic

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Video about NAMA and a call to arms

6 Responses to “BaNAMA Republic”

  1. Ant Galvin says:

    Massive leaps from Bovale to Anglo and then Nama.
    And what is with the music – Are we to be scared?
    Are we to associate Nama with “bad things”?

    If this is what the No to Nama campaign is about, then I have to categorise it as the latest in the “No to Everything” movement.

    I am open to being convinced by the No to Nama campaign, but this is not the way to do it.

  2. Well put together and absolutely nothing in this is untrue. That’s the scary bit!

  3. TUG says:

    I tried to comment in response to Ant’s “points” but a gremlin got in the mix.

    He should try taking a root around the Namawatch forum on the ‘pin.

    Bovale -> Loans from Anglo -> Crap Anglo Loan book leads to nationalisation and the Bank Guarantee -> Ridiculous guarantee and refusal to liquidate the loan book and the likes of Bovale = NAMA

    NAMA – A scheme that will keep property prices as artificially high as possible whilst indenturing several generations of Irish taxpayers with zero upside.

  4. As Ant said, massive leaps from Bovale to Anglo and then Nama. Just pure Fianna Fail bashing is what I made from it. A more substantial arguement needs to be put together. The country is in the toilet and something needs to be done, which means tough decissions have to be made!

  5. TUG says:

    Those leaps are not massive.

    Just wait till you get your head around the derivatives book that NAMA is going to take on.

    Make no mistake, FF banjaxed the country but Anglo was the mechanism.

  6. Raul says:

    Nationalised banks, state to become the bigest property owner …curfew to young drivers on the way…God, that’s first steps to communism ( totalitarianism ) …
    Been there so hopefully that’s not the case…