Fluffy Links – Tuesday July 21st 2009

Nice review of Bruce in concert by Iain.

The Boards.ie blog is super-entertaining.

Some great videos from Reboot Britain.

Serpentine Gallery. Orty.

More ort. Retro van selling ice-cream flavored clouds.

An industrial-strength water spray mounted on top of the ice cream van would shoot a mix of liquid nitrogen and ice-cream into the atmosphere.

Super group of folk.

Something Ireland lacks. Share your great mistakes.

Virtual strangers trusted more than ads. Doesn’t say much about ads…

Shownar. Cool app.

Retweet and other microconventions.

All about the copy. You should follow me

And another. Finger beat.

Niravana mashed up with a Rick Roll

2 Responses to “Fluffy Links – Tuesday July 21st 2009”

  1. Cheers for the links. Never knew boards had a blog!

  2. hugger says:

    Jaysus, that mash video is just plain creepy.