Fluffy Links – Tuesday July 7th 2009

Politics in Ireland. Know about The Healy-Rae Criterion?

Very thought-provoking post from Red Mum about the role of photographers. Do you get involved or record the event?

New blog to help expose French Music to Irish Audiences. Written by Flohix who organised the Let’s French festival.

Few about already but this is a handy site to get access to the streaming feeds of Irish radio stations.

Cheeseburger cupcake?

Bruce Sterling’s closing talk at Reboot.

Ronald Reagan speeches. Impressive archive.

Be Polite.

Google couldn’t do a Google in another industry due to regulation and chokepoints, this from their CEO.

The Brilliant Things are playing at Oxegen, they’re opening this year’s show on Friday on the main stage at 2pm. This is one of their songs: Pointless

Via Jim Major Lazer

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  1. redmum says:

    Thanks for the fluffy link, lots of visitors this morning 🙂