Fluffy Links – Monday June 8th 2009

Fun blog. Quack. Wat the Duck?

Social media checklist. Friends aren’t enough, nor blog comments.

Draw to get some Lindt chocolate.

Vakobi.com, an Irish startup in the online holiday rentals space are looking for an online marketing guru to come on-board as a business partner in return for equity. Anyone?

Lee Kutner’s Blog


Tuesday Push stats from Robin. Stay tuned for some good news about Tuesday Push.

Cool art in Venice.

Zamora wedged a life-size zeppelin between buildings at the Arsenale

Via Josh Spear

Sherwin-Williams just launched ColorSnap, an iPhone application that allows you to snap a photo and get the matching Sherwin-Williams paint color from more than 1,500 in their database.

I wonder will Dulux do something like this in time?

More art.

The piece, entitled “It wasn’t meant to end like this”, is a huge mechanical digger that seems to have buried itself under 300 tonnes of rubble…

Digger equivalent of an ostrich?

AC/DC – Back in Black, live at Donnington

Eminem mixed with Back in Black:

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