Good luck to the candidates and their teams today

I know people in most of the political parties and the work they’ve put in to the locals, by(e)-elections and European elections shows their unfettered belief in their party and the political system they’re part of. Today people will vote for candidates, worthy ones and those who are there to get elected based on their minor celebrity status or the status of family members. It’s not easy to put yourself out in public and experience the attention, praise and waves of verbal mutliation that people will send your way. The same goes for the campaigners behind the candidate. If we were voting for hard work, the results would be far different for some people. No matter what party you’re in, recognition should be given for the work you’ve put in. Good luck to everyone today.

2 Responses to “Good luck to the candidates and their teams today”

  1. TUG says:

    Well, I don’t second this…

    I hope certain parties and candidates get such a pummelling they never darken a doorstep again. I hope we can start a genuine debate on economic policy in this country with the politics of convenience, corruption and populism firmly put to bed.

    Hopefully, there is a small shard of chance that today is the start.

  2. lisadom says:

    That’s terribly fair and balanced of you Damien. Me, I want anyone who crossed me to lose. And the guy who has worked so hard for my cause, to win.