Give your car a name? If so, what?

Beep Beep.

What’s the name of your car? If you give it a name, is it a woman’s name?

Ginetta G26
Photo owned by exfordy (cc)

57 Responses to “Give your car a name? If so, what?”

  1. George says:

    I call my current car Bugzilla, pretty sure it’s not a woman’s name πŸ™‚

    Although in the past I’ve had the privelage of driving ‘Betsy the Beetle’, the hateful experience of ‘Una the Uno’

    Still I’m no Sebastian Vettel

  2. Gordon says:

    I have a Fiat Brava so to be original I call my car Johnny Bravo.

  3. James says:

    Ok, I have a Saab. When I was a young teenager, I fancied the arse off Gabriela Sabatini the Argentinian tennis player. My car is hence called Saabatini. Pathetic eh?

  4. James says:

    Before that had an old Passat Diesel Estate. She was called Schwarzenegger. Bloody tank. Never so glad to sell a car!!!

  5. Hellbrain says:

    I call my car “Child Smasher”. Two and counting.

  6. We have a long history of naming cars. My daughter’s car is called Sophie. My old van was called “Fishgate” and my 1977 lincoln was called “The land Yacht”

  7. Aidan says:

    mines “the tractor”

  8. Charles says:

    My last one was Bobby, definitely male and Alexia christened my new one Ride… that ones a bit more vague

  9. Joe Scanlon says:

    Friend of mine had a car called Mossy.
    She often drove in to town to get a tax disc for Mossy, but she kept getting side tracked and going off drinking with her friends instead. “Taxing Mossy” is the now the new “going out” πŸ™‚

  10. will malpartida says:

    Mine is named TARDIS. An 07 hyundai elantra. Blue like the tv show doctor who, but reacts like a human, and can go anywhere :). I haven’t fixed the time travelling capability yet.

  11. Jen says:

    My last car was a Mercedes that came from a dealer in Edinburgh, so it was named Hans MacGregor. Before that I had a black Alfa named Dante. My first car was a Karmann Ghia named Charles. I am a woman, and all my cars have had male names!

  12. Paraic Hegarty says:

    My wife’s first car was a ford fiesta we affectionately called ‘shitbox’.

  13. Aislinn says:

    My brother and sister both have cars – his is called Doris and hers is called Norris.
    I have no idea why they rhyme, I don’t think it was deliberate. =)

  14. Ralph says:

    Currently driving a 88 Dodge Colt, which survived a tornado that took out two C-130s and a bunch of other cars. Everyone calls it the Japanese Cockroach.

  15. Jane Strohm says:

    My 1980 CJ5 jeep is called Nellie, its suits her down to the ground πŸ™‚

  16. I have a Nissan XTerra named Nessy.

  17. nic says:

    Long story short. white V-8 butch Landrover – to my dismay called Snowflake by our kids after that sooky cat in Sturt Little films. fat, comfy and ever-so-slightly-vain.

    the cat name thing has now carried over whereby they/we simply call the car *Fluffy*.

    If ONLY it would run on milk….

  18. Dawn says:

    I have a 1996 Volvo. I call her Veronica. Veronica The Volvo is her full name.

  19. Gene M says:

    My other have has a green Saturn SW2 which she refers to a ‘Marigold”. It’s named after a small pig that was at a local zoo. Marigold is now 10 years old has over 100,000 miles on her and has been very faithful.

    My car name comes from my very first car, a 1972 Chevrolet Vega Hatchback. When We first got hold of it she was in fairly sad shape. The Star Trek episode “The Doomsday Machine” had aired the previous evening so a friend decided to play a little gag. He took the decals from the “Enterprise” model kit he had and affixed to the doors and the back hatch the registry # of the other ship in the episode, which was also all banged up. From that day forward the car was called “Constellation” the name of the other ship in the episode.

    BTW in the ST EPISODE The ship was deliberately blown-up. The Vega on the other hand was rehabilitated into a fairly mean street machine!

    The name has stuck to this day. Today I have “Constellation” B a Saturn Ion Quad Coupe.

  20. Gene M says:

    I’ll add one more here. My Dad had a green 1967 Dodge Coronet station wagon. The thing was just so enormous that I think you needed a CDL license just to drive it. When you got into the thing you needed a roadmap just to find your way around it’s interior.

    Because of its hugatitude, I gave it the affectionate name of “Battlecar Galactica”.

  21. Karla Laughlin says:

    I had a Honda Accord named Fenry….Fenry Honda….and my Saab was named Snaab!

  22. Trinity says:

    I call mine “banger”. I drive a metallic grey Fiat Punto and I drive the banger to work every day πŸ™‚ Banger also whistles when I accelerate, bejazus. It’s a warning to oncoming traffic!

  23. Bridie takes me there. Good girl Bridie.

  24. Tommy says:

    Our Volvo V70 is the ‘tank’

  25. Will Knott says:

    Well I call my Almeara, ElMira. Sort of Female I guess.

    The ex calls it “Nanive” (sp) after a character in the Wheel of Time books by Robert Jordan. I have no idea why.

    My previous cars were both called “Pizza” after a misunderstanding (Seat Ibiza = Say its a pizza). No idea if pizza is masculine of feminine.

  26. lydia says:

    Just like in an episode of Father Ted, I won the priest’s old car in my ma’s parish draw. A green toyota hence the name, the Rev. Al Green.

  27. Kieran says:

    Boys cars have boys names
    Girls cars have girls names
    All the other people drive Fiat Puntos

  28. I’ve had two cars called Bessie that totally ripped it.. Now Volvinho just gets me from A to B.

  29. Dave Meehan says:

    Kates Dirty Sister is the best name for a car that I have heard in a long time. Nice one Vettel!

  30. For a second, I was like that’d be mad to name your car. And then I realised I named mine when I got it two years ago. And still refer to her as Bluebell.

  31. Andy Bauer says:

    I have a 74 jeep j10 full size pickup truck. i’ve since removed the bed and fabricated a flat bed for it. 33 inch tires, and about 8 inches of body and suspension lift. i painted it a flat army green and a big white star on the hood. i call it the general. i used to call my 88 dodge ramcharger trachea after the human windpipe because it had no mufflers and with the v-8 in it, would set off car alarms with the sheer volume of the exhaust

  32. Jeromakay says:

    I drive a punto from 97, and I call it Moby Dick.

  33. Steve-o says:

    I have a ’95 Buick Le Sabre that i call “Excalibur”. it makes every trip more exciting when it begins with “Ill take EXCALIBUR!!!”. in a very manly voice of course πŸ™‚

  34. I’ve had one named “speedy” and another named “trouble” because of all the tickets I received in it…

  35. sony says:

    i have a little ford laser that I call oscar, after the grouch in sesame street. because he’s green and cranky.

  36. 92 civic says:

    My 92 red civic is named Clifford.

  37. Harvz says:

    I’ve recently bought a Mini One and have no clue what to call him!

  38. Kate says:

    My first car was a dark green 1988 VW Polo, and I unofficially named it “Lucky” (since I only bought it for Β£50 and it survived my driving lessons, lol) πŸ˜‰

    I am female, but my current car is female πŸ™‚
    It’s a red Nissan Micra, I bought “her” in July and so I called her “Ruby” (she is also sometimes called “Ruth” as a play on her licence plate ending in ‘OTH’)

    I called my fiancΓ©’s Volvo V40 “Black Betty” (named after the song, because she was big and black, also Tom Jone’s did a cover and he like’s his songs)

  39. Jacqueline says:

    Have been driving a Suzuki Jimny called Ruby for the last three years, but last night bought a fantastic black Mini. I was going to call her Aretha, but seeing the last post…..she might be ‘Black Betty’ instead….fab!!

  40. Britt_W says:

    We had an orange (Well it was the 70s!) VW Passat which we loved and called Esmeralda, just because the first letters in the (Swedish) numberplate was ESM. Mum bought it after having started her own little business, late in life – a corner shop. She had to get a car and had to get a licence – at 50 years of age. But she did it and that car somehow came to represent her hard work to me.

  41. Oh that’s lovely Britt.

  42. Gerrit says:

    I don’t have a car, but I have an old 1987 EZ-GO 3 Wheeler that my friend helped me name Sharron. I like it better than its old name, Olga. Now we need to re name our brand new EZ-GO from Helga. They are no longer Helga and Olga so we need a name that goes with Sharron. I’m thinking Ozzy!

  43. David says:

    When I was a kid my father got an old school bus and turned it into an RV. Us kids named it Gus the Bus. We went to all but one of the continental states in that bus – good times.

  44. Steff says:

    I have 3 current cars – a Subaru Impreza called Scooby (Obviously), a Land Rover Discovery called Disco, an a VW Polo called Bambi.

    In the past i have had another VW Polo named Thumper, a Citroen AX named Salsa, and an Alfa Romeo T-Spark named Romeo.

    My boyfriends car is a Vauxhall Vectra named Bessie, and mum has a Ford KA called Kandy


  45. Challenger_392 says:

    I have a White Dodge Challenger 392 Inaugaral Edition 283 out of 1,492. This car is one of the BEAST cars. His name? CARSTER
    Half-Car, Half-Monster

  46. FireTeamChevy says:

    I’ve got a blue ’66 Chevy C-10. Thought of some names but can’t think of any to pick, any suggestions?

  47. evhudsons says:

    I used to have a ’65 bug, now I have a Porsche 911 named, “Buggy”

    Wanna go for a ride in the Buggy?

  48. Dreamfc says:

    I had a ford transit. we called it lucky cos every time it broke down it was the best places. The first time the gear box broke and it was stuck in 3rd gear, in front of a big hill, it got over the hill and there was a garage at the bottom of it. The second time was a rainy day it broke down under bridge with a bankment big enought we played football till aa turned up (still under bridge)

    We had to sell lucky:( cos it wasn’t big enought for the work we did. So we traded it in for a mercedes benz sprinter. We call it Audley after the bad boxer Audley Harrison, after someone punched it and it dented

  49. Dreamfc says:

    You don’t create a name for a car, it creates its self

  50. Katie says:

    I’ve had my little pink mini for 2 years, and i call it “the little banger” she’s not the only one with a reputation πŸ˜‰