#bludget reactions

Some interesting reactions tot he #bludget:


Okay the #bludget doesn’t seem to have hurt me too much, except that I don’t see how it’s going to help create more jobs. I want a job!

David Smith:

Overall the #bludget doesn’t affect me too much but I’d hate to be 19, out of work and smoking!!

Iain O’Connell: (currently living in Holland)

Listening to the #bludget it seems clear that I won’t be un-emigrating anytime soon

Karl Deeter:

the budget was fair given the state of the economy, what’d you expect?! #bludget

Paul Sheehan:

all in all, a harsh budget, will probably cost me 10-12% but I think it had to be done, next year will be harsher #bludget #budget09

4 Responses to “#bludget reactions”

  1. jakdelad says:

    if your an unemployed non smoking,non drinking, vegatarian,cyclist
    whos living with your old age pensioner parents
    likes fair city jerry ryan and mind rotting drivel like that
    and thinks fainna fail are the best
    well no id say it was a middleing budget
    on the other hand if you have any sort of a life
    you can fuck off and die now
    because we all have been violated by levys taxes etc
    but remember we have the best politicans money can buy

  2. Rob says:

    Well it’s pretty much true, no job stimulations, and taxing fags! wtf, I don’t smoke, but if I did I’d be buying off the dodgy guy who everyone knows sells cheap cigs. Paul Sheehan has it right, it may not seem as bad as we thought (the budget that is) but next year and the year after, pray there’s lube.

  3. Aidan says:

    i have a wife, mortgage, a daughter and another in august and i smoke. And i lost all round. i was hoping that they might reverse the vat increase and drop it a few percent. further budgets look worse. Small businesses wont last long if things get worse.