Fluffy Links – Monday April 6th 2009

Treasa has a fantastic project. Taking pics and making a book of abandoned boats. Even has Gogole Maps!

Manuel points out godlike breakfasts: Bacon Cupcakes.

Blogger and Twitter meetup in Cork on April 25th.

Some upcoming business blogging events.

Ciara O’Brien is the latest Irish Times blogger. Godspeed.

New blog: LeFournier.

Honesty. Hangover cure.


George Hook’s most used words on Twitter.

EC business help. Saw this in a GMail ad!

Via: Smooth to the wall post-its

Chemical Brothers – Believe

6 Responses to “Fluffy Links – Monday April 6th 2009”

  1. TUG says:

    Jaysus… Damien… I had a blog for a good 2 years which discussed anything ‘an everything… And now you notice Lefournier’s (a fellow pinster) efforts after a wet week!

    I give up!

  2. You’re on the Internet now TUG? Since when?


  3. TUG says:

    Nice try! 😉

  4. Treasa says:

    TUG you didn’t want anyone to know about it as I recall…way back when.

    Damien, thanks for the plug. All plugs gratefully received.

  5. TUG says:

    And I never sold out! 😛

  6. manuel says:

    cheers Damien….