That Internship Idea – 24 offers

So you may have seen where I said I was interested in doing internship type stints in companies. I’ve gotten 24 offers, some of them from very fascinating companies. I’m sticking with the 4/5 at most. I don’t have the time to do more. I’ll be letting the companies know later today if I’m going with them or not. So about 20 groups are getting turned down, the decision was genuinely tough. Lots of interesting people I’d love to work with.

Legal-aged Daughters still Chalking
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So why not open up the offer to others? Tommy and Klara have both left comments saying they’re interested in doing internships too. I’ve heard from others in companies both small and large that they’d love to sit in with other companies. I think it’s a big benefit for a company to let their employees spend some time in another company. We have ambassadors in global politics and many reasons why they work. Twinning cities seems to work as well. There are loads of professionals and students who are living the online life that would relish the chance of working in an exciting company and who by bringing their own viewpoints and ways into a company can enrich a company, if encouraged correctly.

For companies, here’s something to consider though. Telling me or others why we are needed and how we can help you can be charming but it can also get replied to with: Then pay me to consult with you. Value needs to go both ways. Many of us get the chance to work and do fun stuff with companies and we get paid for it. Educate those potential interns!

If you want to intern, leave a comment and contact emails below.

10 Responses to “That Internship Idea – 24 offers”

  1. Brian says:

    Send any summer internships my way!

  2. Emanuele says:

    I’d be interested too, thanks for this.

  3. Enda says:

    Mom wants me out of the house and I doubt I’ll get a job, would love to be a part of a business for the summer.

  4. Mark says:

    Yeah, me too, I’m looking for a newspaper who are looking to develop or improve on an online presence to take me on to work on that for the summer.

  5. This is a fantastic idea, something I would love to have the time to do. And in complete honesty, I am actually finding myself thinking if it would be a fun way to spend a weeks holidays (considering I carried a bunch from last year and have too many on my hands) interning somewhere.

    Also, is it too late to ask if you want to intern on my blog 😉 lol

  6. Have time to write and ideas to spread. Need lots of help to get ahead. Quick learner once I’m through the door, I’ve never twinned before, but will never let a good chance seep through the floor. Fingers crossed, and toe’s bent will this be a heaven sent?

  7. rdlp715 says:

    I would give my right arm for an internship. I work for the Ticket Office in Croke Park on the once-in-a-bluemoon matchdays, doubt there will be any other jobs out there and I live in town so I’ll be pretty bored this summer alright. I’d love to spend it learning somewhere and offering my opinions and ideas.

    My left arm is already reserved to be broken in a bizarre celebration of devotion if Liverpool win the league.

    In fact I would give both. An arm and a half.

  8. rdlp715 says:

    *Arm and a half (or any permutation of limbs) for an internship, that is.

  9. Ruairi says:


    Anyone interested in supporting the next stage development and roll-out of please give me a shout. will be focusing more on activism and advocacy and we’re looking for web savvy heads to advice on our development and help us explore marketing angles. We’re a youth-led non profit initiative so all your efforts would be feeding directly into positive community based change.



  10. Clare says:

    Can I just echo what Ruairi has said about working with Spunout. I’ve been involved with Spunout for ages and have found a huge amount of personal fulfillment and fun in working with them. It’s a fantastic cause, a great group of people and a wonderful place to learn and develop new skills. Give us a shout if I can help any prospective interns in any way.

    For me, I’m always up for a good internship. I’ve done 4(!) so am as amuch of an internship expert as I think is possible. Take a look at me blog and contact me through it if you’re interested.