Fluffy Links – Tuesday March 24th 2009

Enda has a rant about O2. He’s gone though 4 iPhones now with them.

Where are O2 customer care? Do you guys exist? Do they even want me as a customer? I want to switch to a phone that works

Kathleen Barrington from the Sunday Business Post has started blogging. Say hello to her.

A few more comments and I’ll announce the winner of a free day-long Online Marketing training course for you and up to 11 of your friends/colleagues.

More details on the iQ Prize. Including a website.

Jim C tells us of some great new bands to look out for.

Justin has the skinny on a talk on Computer History in Ireland.

Via Annie Mole: Doner Kebab Pot Noodle.

New blog: Pint of Unspecific.

Squid now blogs here.

And another new one: Certain People Say…

Me, escaping from Alcatraz.

Eels – Beautiful People

Eels – Fly Swatter (play it at eleven on the scale)

5 Responses to “Fluffy Links – Tuesday March 24th 2009”

  1. Elly Parker says:

    Hey Damien, just curious, what gadget did you shoot the video on?

  2. rdlp715 says:

    Gosh shucks! Thanks for the mention Mr Mulley sir. We’ll do our best not to disappoint!

  3. Trinity says:

    hey man, now you’re really livin! 🙂
    I saw the Eels play live in San Fran when I was there. They rocked.

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