Paddy’s Day Fluffy Links – Tuesday March 17th 2009

Greetings from an overcast and dark San Francisco (it’s around 6am here)

I finally mention new orts and culchore website with loads of faces we already know. Fantastic design, even better content.

Alan and Spoiltchild are doing email marketing workshops both free and paid. Check them out.

Kevin did a quick interview with Joe Rospars from the Obama digital campaign.

Speaking of which, change can be big.

AJ takes to task.

Alexia mentions you can be a DJ for the day on Phantom. Could we just nominate Pearl to take over the station for a day?

Mine. Nobody else allowed. No.

Love love lovvvvvve the packaging.

And on that, is packaging design more important than advertising now?

And now off for Brekky, so here’s Suzanne:

2 Responses to “Paddy’s Day Fluffy Links – Tuesday March 17th 2009”

  1. Ohh that boxed water is schexy!

    Enjoy San Fran!


  2. Thanks for mentioning the training Damien. Enjoy San Fan. I am jealous 🙂