Fluffy Links – Friday March 6th 2009 (Watchmen Day!)

Congrats to the Internet’s Ben McRedmond on his Picomarks social bookmarks service.

Joe Ryan from Labour has a neat but depressing feature on his blog. It shows the increase in youth unemployment in Wexford. 700 in April to 1200 this month.

I only saw this now (hey I was busy dynamiting Building 7) but this is a lovely post from Lottie.

Lee Munroe is running a marathon for a kids’ charity. He has a sponsor site up.

New blog: Not Ruairi is a naive young man in Dublin. He sits in a room recording music all day, occasionally channelling the spirit of Cary Grant.

HB now have a fun Facebook Page. Brilliant videos from a bygone era on TV. Zig and Zag pre-Dustin with Ray D’Arcy with a fine head of black hair.

Adam Douglas now has a campaign site. Congrats. Just in time for the Green Party Conference.

Eolai’s paintings are still for sale at a discounted rate.

Michael O’Leary rocks. At times. Other times, no.

How to find hope in the recession.

‘’Possibility 2009+ Seminar’’ is happening on March 12th in Cork.

Possibility 2009 is a joint initiative of both South Cork and Cork City Enterprise Boards. For further information and online booking please visit www.sceb.ie/online-booking. This seminar is highly subsidized at €30 per participant

In April Johnnie Moore and Kay Scorah will run a workshop called a “A Day of Noticing“. Was at an adhoc workshop over lunchtime Johnnie did in the Guardian Offices a while back where we were throwing imaginary balls at each other that made odd sounds. It was fun and refreshing.

Video for JJ – Playground. Directed by Thomas Hefferon & Kay Madsen, a friend of a friend. Very stylish video and great song.

7 Responses to “Fluffy Links – Friday March 6th 2009 (Watchmen Day!)”

  1. Hey, where’s all the Watchmen links, for Watchmen day?

  2. Dave says:

    The reporter was right about O’Leary and how his opponents “have become accustomed to his outbursts” – he is like the boy who cried wolf, he may be telling the truth but no one is really listening to what he says

  3. MJ says:

    I usually avoid TV3 news due to its Sky-like often tabloid style of reporting but that was funny! Alas I think I have to agree with Dave… It’s a shame really. More public figures should stand up and slag off the politicians. Stop leaving it to the people on the streets!

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  6. Trade Mark Pending….

    expect to hear from someone pretending to be a lawyer sometime soon..

  7. Had no idea you linked to picomarks!! awesome, only found this now!!! thanks a million!