Don’t forget

The blogger and company event tomorrow night in Dublin. If you’re a blogger, please come along.

Oh and check out my new twitter mug I was given from Walter and his Twitter fun machine:

2 Responses to “Don’t forget”

  1. Colm Doyle says:

    Not that I really mind, but the idea of you drinking coffee out of a mug with my picture on it is fairly creepy


  2. Treasa says:

    well it *might* have been creepy if I could have found my picture on it but I couldn’t so I guess it’s alright. On the other hand I have mugs with people whose photographs I’ve taken in my coffee mug cupboard so maybe I shouldn’t say anything about how creepy stuff can be.

    won’t make it tomorrow night as I have a load of photographic related stuff to sort out. Linked to the reasons I can’t make the blog awards this year either.