Parking fines in Cork City – Some stats (One vehicle gets 95 tickets in ’07)

31,929 tickets issued.
20,495 tickets paid.
Income generated: €1,014,968
Most number of tickets issued to a single vehicle: 95

2008 – First six months
14,963 tickets issued.
9,835 paid.
Income generated: €473,350

Thou Shalt Not Park
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8 Responses to “Parking fines in Cork City – Some stats (One vehicle gets 95 tickets in ’07)”

  1. Markham says:

    Got charged €137 in Sydney for parking my car pointing the wrong direction.
    The parking rules in Sydney make up a 15-page booklet. That rule was on page 14.

  2. Donal says:

    So you don’t have to pay your parking fines? Only 2/3 seem to be pay, how do the rest of them get away with it?

  3. Aidan says:

    But Damien, what do they waste the money they collect on, which is what ide like to know.

  4. Wow, it looks like we’re finally getting the picture. The person with 95 tickets doesn’t surprise me in the least, I had a flatmate who got over 20 in the space of a few months before having an actual fistfight with the parking attendant, and subsequently going to court for that as well.

  5. B says:

    @Aidan – After overheads i would imagine they invest the money back into the local areas that they operate Pay and Display Schemes. This is what tends to happen in the Dublin authorities, they invest in local schemes for improved roads, play grounds that kinda thing. And that kind of money you see above doesn’t go too long a way when you consider the price of a speed ramp etc

    @Donal – The simple fact is that if a parking ticket goes beyond 6 months which is the statuate of limitations you cannot be brought to court on it. And the district courts being so choc a bloc with more serious crimes the local authorities are pressed to only bringing the repeat offenders to book.

    @Sexy – Your flatmate sounds like a real corker 😉

  6. Leslie says:

    Parking tickets are fine – just try the clamping like here in Dublin – that is a lot less fun.

  7. Grrrr!!! I got a ticket today – €40! .
    …..In fairness, I was double parked outside the Savoy while I ran in to Hickeys to buy double-sided velcro for my wedding fair, but I fluttered my eyelashes to the parking attendant who was CALLING THE TOW TRUCK when I ran breathlessly to the car and he STILL didn’t cancel the fine!
    I mean REALLY!!!!!