Fluffy Links – Wednesday January 7th 2009

Google says that Irish tech/dev people aren’t good enough for them. As is pointed out, a HR process where 13 interviews over 6-9 months is almost the standard is inefficient and just plain stupid. Who in this economic climate can wait that long?

Fergal of the Tuppenceworth clan is on Turbridy on Thursday Talking Twitter. Suggestions or examples welcome.

How you can help TeenCamp.

Not seen this before. Blog from theunemployed.

Robert Byrne currently rowing across the
Atlantic in a world record attempt. That’s his blog about it.

David O’Keeffe’s blog. Talented bloke says the bio.

Liam, an Irish teen, blogs about religions.

Free “Silverlight Assault Course” in Cork on Sun 18th of Jan. Sign up!

Pixenate gets some updates! The Web2Ireland blog now using Facebook connect.

Miriam Lord’s Political Awards are hilarious.

I already have the t-shirt. No, really. I’m that bad. Objectified – the movie:

Ahh Father Jack. He’s apologising for all those nasty words I called YellowSnow.ie

Layla – Clapton and Knopfler

3 Responses to “Fluffy Links – Wednesday January 7th 2009”

  1. Indeed it is stupid, and I’ve been through it myself, but I have to say that John Looney (who works for Google, mind) is right about the utter mediocrity Irish graduates. Unfortunately, CS education here has been practically completely gutted, leaving us with little more than a bunch of Java schools. It’s a waste of time for Google to interview Irish developers.

  2. Clapton is a murderer Jessica Fletcher style. Too many eerie coincidences in his life.

    1. Jimi Hendrix

    Comes to England and tears Clapton a new arse hole. Dies mysteriously. Clapton’s alibi – I was on my way to visit him that night

    2. Duane Allman

    Layla is Clapton’s tastiest bit of playing except it’s not Clapton it’s Duane Allman. The riff and the cool slide guitar outro are all Duane. He was plied with drink to do the session and afterwards Clapton asked him to join forces. Duane declined and stayed with the Allman brothers until his mysterious motorbike accident.

    3. Stevie Ray Vaughan

    By the turn of the 80s Clapton had abandoned blues and credibility for MOR. Out of the blue comes a Strat wielding firebrand, Stevie Ray Vaughan. Clapton returns to the blues but is eclipsed in polls and editorials by the new gun in town. On a joint tour Clapton offers Stevie a go in his helicopter… RIP SRV

    I can go on by request. My own blog is too sedate for conspiracy theories.

  3. Many thanks for the mention, Damien.

    I will do likewise.

    Ah Bless, I’ve got a nice, warm fuzzy feeling inside me now.
    (Oh, and various visitors from your blog!)