Fluffy Links – Monday December 22nd 2008

Great new Irish foodie site. CheapEats.ie Cheap good food in Ireland.

Well done Keith and dbTwang on their Angel Round.

Last chance to win that $1500 phone.

Cork Tweetup tonight.

Kittens or danger?

Rollerblading dwarves, how to lifehack Getty Images.

Keith is super, thanks for asking.

Via Steve Quinlan, so this school is more like a cult?

Marketing to the Youff. Hmmm. Not sure is this sinister or not.

I’m Courier. Not to happy with that.

The Yahoo! Query Language.

George and Mrs Bush wish everyone a WTF Christmas:

Via Fabulist Angus and Julia Stone – Just a Boy

5 Responses to “Fluffy Links – Monday December 22nd 2008”

  1. Keith says:

    >Keith is super, thanks for asking.
    Fuck you – now I’ve got that stupid Southpark song stuck in my head.

    Revenge: Mah-nah Mah-nah

  2. lisadom says:

    That George Bush video freaked me out man, does Tina Fey come in at any point? I might watch the rest then.
    As for the Fonts: teensy bit USA specific and what the hell is Helvetica?

  3. Frank P says:

    I’m Helvetica – classic, reliable and a bit boring. Could be worse I suppose.

  4. MJ says:

    Frick it at least you aren’t Times New Bloody Roman.