Ones we watched in 2008

So how did the Ones I suggested we watch do in 2008? Not bad at all.

Robin Blandford.
Himself and David are now building and running Decisions for Heroes. Trailblaizers!

Fergus Burns
Another trailblazer. Nooked getting bigger and better every month.

The Paddy’s Valley 20

Patrick Collison, John Collison and all at Auctomatic
Sold! Massive attention. Late Late with the Plank. Household names and names uttered by Mammies when scolding their kids for not being proactive enough.

Richard Hearne
Still the S.E.O. God in Ireland even if he didn’t enter the Geansai Gorm competition! He went through 2008 at breakneck speed, let’s hope he slows a bit in 2009!

Conor O’Neill
Well Argolon and LouderVoice have been doing immensely well and once again Conor has been giving so much to the Web 2.0 community in Ireland with his constant help and sharing. Let’s hope he’s appreciate for that.

Alexia Golez
Well she moved to a new domain and battled O2 towards the end of the year over the iPhone. Mizz Golez is on the brink of a hostile takeover of the Fluffy Links with her Red Links. I think think Alexia would be of immense benefit if she can be convinced to leave the good ship Redmond.

Martha Rotter
Loved and respected by people in the Irish tech scene for her tough job envagelising Microsoft. Still the shining star she was last year.

Marcus Mac Innes
Well is doing rather wll thanks very much and there’s been impressive work with some rather large brands this year establishing as the place to be when it comes to photos in Ireland. Also won a few awards to boot!

Pat Phelan
The hardest working man in Irish technology? Net Visionary for 2008 (which I wasn’t very surprised about)

Cian O’Flaherty
Helped organise the EU bloggers conference in Dublin this year and working like a trojan for a certain current affairs show.

Paul Fabretti
In the UK Paul is establishing himself as a much respected social media ninja dispuptive maven coach. Go Paul!

Paul Walsh
Wubud. The Digital Mission and so much more. I think that shows how well Paul has done.

3 Responses to “Ones we watched in 2008”

  1. Damien, your “One To Watch” was a dare to me to do this. Without it, I may not have.

  2. Thanks dude. Been a fab year. The new LV4Biz is flying.

  3. Thanks Damien. Guess you gave me the proberbial kick-up the arse that was needed. 2008 been chaotic (but in a good way) with 2009 looking to start off as this one ended!

    Have a good one buddy!