Fluffy Links – Thursday 11th December 2008

SuperGorm is blogging from Poland. After flying with RyanAir too! No Fás style packages for our John. See, I can blog about you without mentioning the you-know-whats.

TeenCampIreland is a go, register here.

Green Ink versus the recession. Bring it!

Pimp your Twitter profile pic with Twixenate.

Another Pol Cor is a-blogging. Welcome to the ‘sphere Catherine Halloran, the political correspondent with the Irish Daily Star.

No Nonsense want the public to design their next tax disc holder. Here’s my suggestion: Here’s my tax disc, now fuck off back to leaking case details to Paul Williams.


Via Monster Munch – Lots of signs.

Stephen Fry tears the Blackberry Storm to bits.

Benjamin Zander is an amazing presenter. Watch and want to play music.

Via The Times Tech blog, a vid made from 45k photographs. Not as impressive as it sounded:

Via Nialler: Little Joy – No One’s Better Sake

2 Responses to “Fluffy Links – Thursday 11th December 2008”

  1. Gormley needs a better team of ghost-writers. This effort reads like it was written by a solar panel.

  2. lisadom says:

    Stephen Fry BLOGS!!!!

    Oh thankyou. If I ever have another child I will name it after you.
    Actually, my first boyfriend was called Damien so maybe that wouldnt work….
    Anyhoo, thanks