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Fluffy Links – Monday November 3rd 2008

Monday, November 3rd, 2008

Robin and David feature on front page of O’Reilly Radar. Very very impressive. Yet at the same time you think it’s about time!

Meanwhile Robin’s friend is blogging again. Howya Fergal.

Aedan has done some wonderful analysis on Facebook ads and a campaign he ran on it.

Liking Iain’s essay on America/Tourism/Music/Politics. I would like to subscribe to his newsletter, oh hang on…

Slattery’s are going to be blogging soon. I heard they have a new Online/Digital PR section now too.

John Keyes has an interesting post on trying to digitize his analog bits. Also he points out you can get online billing from the ESB now.

Via Drew B is O2 Litmus. O2 are building their own Appstore. Forget getting access to a single phone, imagine getting access to all phones on one of the largest mobile networks in the world. Clever.

Drew also talks about Russell Brand and Jonathan Ross being good for the UK economy by distracting people. Interesting perspectives.

“So if you want to change what I’m doing, don’t try to persuade me- don’t try to make me- do anything. Instead, enlist the help of my friends… “see here.


Perlico free mobile calls offer til 2010 – bollox

Sunday, November 2nd, 2008

They’re letterboxing these promises again:

And the smallprint states:

Free mobile calls until 2010 – 40 minutes per month for your fixed line to any Republic of Ireland mobile network within Ireland

The picture of Rosanna Davison is much appreciated:
Perlico giant phone

They need to get Made in Hollywood for their props though:
Perlico giant phone

Find our AJ a job

Sunday, November 2nd, 2008

AJ McKee is looking for a job at the moment. He’s currently based in Cork and yeah he’s a friend and there’s some bias but I think he’s still fantastic at what he does. Along with a few other lads he came up with an idea for analysing Twitter and built Tweetrush in no time. He talks the talk and walks the walk. This is his LinkedIn. He’s an IT Manager and a damned good coder too.

Ideally I think he wants to stay in Cork if he can. I okayed it with AJ to blog this too btw 🙂

Sarah Palin thinks he rocks too:
The Kiss of death for McCain
Photo owned by bobster1985 (cc)

Review of Hardwood Restaurant, Cork, Ireland

Sunday, November 2nd, 2008
Hardwood Restaurant, Cork, Ireland,

Situated over the footbridge from the Coal Quay, this restaurant has all the charm and grace of a sweaty sock. To get to the point: The manager of this place is a prick. A group of us from BarCamp headed along to it last night and we were actually made feel totally unwelcome by their staff the minute we came in. Most of our group had already arrived and we made no booking plans. The contempt and hostility shown said it all. Four of us arrived and asked to sit next to the large group and were told no. We suggested moving a table to the large formation already there. “No.”

Then they decided to do exactly this. I asked should I take the glasses off the table as they moved it. I was told “No, don’t touch it ” in very hostile tones. Did I mention the manager is a prick? I hope I relayed that point. When we sat down he addressed us like we were four year olds speaking in slow broken and stressed english not to lean against a partition. Phil ordered a Carlsberg I think and was agressively told they didn’t have it and for what seemed like spite, was carded.

Our food arrived and the rare tuna steak I ordered was good but not fantastic. No pleases, no thank yous, no come agains. Mediocre food thrown at you while charged at top dollar.

Life is too short to deal with people and businesses like Hardwood. They won’t get my business again. I will happily recommend a bag of razor blades over anything they serve. No matter how good food can be when attitude like that is shown it ruins the whole experience. They only get a one star because I can’t give it a zero with LouderVoice.

Rated 1/5 on Nov 02 2008
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