Business Post covers my spat with Pat the Baker and Bebo

Business Post piece on it today. A right of reply to the comment by the guy from Pat the Baker where he said I was ‘‘totally and utterly wrong’’ would have been nice since they used my analysis as article fodder but the blog post more than speaks for itself as is. For those coming from the Business Post, my correct analysis on the Pat the Baker campaign is here.

Stay tuned to the Mulley Communications blog as a lot more analysis pieces are in the works. Lots of emperors have purchased lots of new clothes in Ireland.

18 Responses to “Business Post covers my spat with Pat the Baker and Bebo”

  1. Fuck it, Mulley. Between those two gigantic corporations, you’re like the meat in the sandwich.

  2. Green Ink says:

    Yep. Saturday night, Mulley’s blogging and Bock and Green Ink are posting comments. Truly, the internets never sleep.

  3. Niall O'K says:

    Actually, directly after using bebo, I went to the shop to get bread, milk, butter, eggs… the essentials… y’know. And I wouldn’t usually buy the “Pat The Baker” brand, but I did this time – without even thinking.

    Damn it 🙂

  4. Same here. I saw the Bebo chat stuff, heard Damien ironing the emperor’s new clothes, and bought a loaf of Pat the Baker’s bread. I normally get Vienna crusty baguettes but felt patriotic getting Pat’s bread today.

  5. Bernie, Niall… I was in Tesco yesterday; we’re normally a Brennans household but I picked up a pan of Pat the Baker… realised what was happening and put it back on the shelf, moving a few feet to the left to my comfort zone with Mr Brennan. Lucky escape, as the wife would have given me one of those “now what the hell has he bought?” looks. Imagine explaining that I thought we’d try old Pat the Baker because of a spat about it on the Internet.

    Social networks or blogs to promote your product? Either way, there’s been more said and done (singing, dancing, poetry, debate) about the humble slice pan than there has been in a long time. Mr Brennan and Pat the Baker must be loving it.

  6. Damien says:

    Goes to show how much extra sales they would have made if they did a campaign with bloggers instead of kids on Bebo!

    Being on the Social Media Working group with Philip I’d have thought it would have been Philip and not me that got Bernie and Brendan thinking about Pat the Baker though. Missed opportunity there!

  7. Pat the Baker was one of our planned case studies on how businesses can use social networks. That one paragraph has just become an essay! 🙂

  8. Keith says:

    >The proprietorship that people feel for our brand is very encouraging. (PtB spokesdonkey in the SBP)

    Proprietorship? Jaysus. Ownership of a brand is bad enough, you had to go and use a totally made up word to make yourself sound more intelligent?

    Have a read of Orwell’s Politics and the English Language:

    Damien – time for a Pat the Baker boycott.

  9. @Brendan I greatly look forward to that case study 🙂

    @Keith I’ve a better idea, tune into on Tuesday!

  10. You know Damien, the rebuttal of your criticism is pretty important. The lack of a comment from you however is stupid journalism.

    The media section of the SBPost is a must-read for people in the media sector, and lots of people will reach their own conclusion on whether spending money advertising to people who can’t even afford phone credit is a good idea or (more likely) a thoroughly stupid idea which refuses to understand the brand, the target demographic or whether reach actually means conversion.

    Kids do irony, they don’t however buy their own groceries.

  11. @David cheers for the comment. Indeed it would have been nice to hear from Pat the Baker (they hovered over this and the other blog enough) instead of reading what they said (including made-up words) in the Business Post and indeed again it would have been nice to have been emailed or called and asked for my reaction to what the Pat the Baker people said in regards to my analysis.

  12. Tom Young says:

    I know a few good defamation lawyers!

  13. Phil O'Kane says:

    being from the north i’ve never heard of pat the baker, but i want some now 😉

    (they seem to have a distribution centre in armagh, though still never seen it in any shops near me)

  14. barry says:

    why no rss, or the like, on the mulley communications blog?

  15. Phil says:

    @Barry – there is rss. though there doesnt seem to be an obvious link. I might have got it from the code, though i didnt think i did. maybe i did.

  16. Mary Doherty says:

    After being added as a friend by Pat the Baker on Bebo when I still living at home, I now only buy Pat the Baker bread in my own obviously the bebo site is working. The kids on bebo are the bread buyers of tomorrow!!! Pat the Baker so fresh its famous:)