Review of Parenthetical Girls – Whelan’s Dublin

Parenthetical Girls – Whelan’s Dublin

Gig of the year for me. Not everyone starts off the night by jumping into the crowd and singing and dancing their songs. Four very talented musicians entertained a small enough crowd in Whelan’s last evening and I think created a lot of new fans in the process. Ian was the person that got me into them and I fully agree that their album is album of the year for me. Most played album on the iPhone right now.

Not only were hugely talented and swapped instruments now and then but they were good fun and had a laugh with the crowd. Zach the lead singer in the band too at one point played the room with a paid of drumsticks, walls doors and he even sang and made beats out on the fire escape which was an unusual experience for the crowd in the main room. God bless very long microphone leads. They’re playing Galway tonight, if you live there get to the gig, it’ll be worth it!

Well done to Ian too for opening for them. I actually didn’t realise it was you til after dude otherwise I would have said hey.

Rated 5/5 on Nov 22 2008
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2 Responses to “Review of Parenthetical Girls – Whelan’s Dublin”

  1. Ian says:

    Zac was totally biting my shit. I started my set on the floor too. Though he didn’t sing any flat notes when he did it.

    They were great though. For obvious reasons I’m not blogging a review of it but they were.

    I was nearly tempted to tail them to Galway.

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