I won a Golden Spider

Did I also mention eircom bought me booze? Did I also mention I think Eamon Ryan rocks? And Fine Gael? Gimme me 50 quid and I’ll link to you. It’s all Michele Neylon’s fault. He nominated me. Thanks Dude, appreciated.

Update: Me and Philly Mc from Bebo. Bebo rocks, did I mention that?
Me and Philly Mc

Cheers to Bredanistan for taking the pic

51 Responses to “I won a Golden Spider”

  1. Michele says:


    Congratulations! (Again!) Well deserved!

    Not sure if I want to accept responsibility for your actions though … 🙂


  2. Woohoo! Congrats 😀

  3. Bernie says:

    Hi Damien
    Well done on your achievement last night!

    Thanks for delivering a great course yesterday!

  4. Donal says:

    Congrats! Did you get that champagne in the end?

  5. Phil says:

    congrats – you heart those golden spiders now.

  6. Brian says:

    I know you’ve always loved the Golden Spider awards… getting one must have been a huge thrill for you! Congrats Damien!

  7. redmum says:

    Many congrats Damien, hope you had a great night!

  8. Grandad says:

    Congratulations Damien. Hugely deserved.

    Now you have to work out what to do with the damned thing….

  9. Grannymar says:

    Nice one!

    Big hugs and Congrats Damien!

  10. John O'Neill says:

    Nice one spider man. No seriously, well done Damien.

  11. Ann Donnelly says:

    Congrats — I hope I can be like you when I grow up! Did you have to wear a tux and did you get your picture taken with Des Bishop. Hope you post all the details.

  12. Now who’s that trying to get his hands on Damien’s spider?


  13. cgarvey says:

    I hope you were wearing a t-shirt with a bit “Irony” on it, underneath that shirt! Congrats on the deserved award!

  14. Darragh says:

    Well done, dude. 🙂

  15. Trinity says:

    mucho congrats!

  16. Valerie says:

    Damien, your having some week!!! Congrats, a great night and a well deserved award. Catch you again soon, Val

  17. Calvin Jones says:

    Hi Damien,

    Congrats on the award!

  18. Congrats Damien! Well deserved.

  19. Well done. Enjoy your spider.

  20. Mike says:

    Well done man
    Another trophy for the cabinet!
    A picture says a 1,000 words Great pic 🙂

  21. Phil S says:

    Well done, l enjoyed your talk in Dublin Hall the other day (I asked you about hiring web development firms).

    You let eircom buy you a drink? Shocking!

  22. Roseanne says:

    Hey Phil from Bebo,

    Congrats on winning your very own Mulley. That’ll look nice on the mantelpiece.


    Congrats Damien – blog on!

  23. M Buckley says:

    Many congratulations,

    Very well deserved.

  24. Gareth S says:

    Well done Damien.

    You were swanning around those awards with a bottle of champers in your hand a one point. Very rock ‘n’ roll 🙂

  25. karl deeter says:

    well done mate! (personally i’d rather have a foam W!)
    but in any case, great stuff!

  26. Keith says:

    Congrats, Damo.
    Too bad about someone punching you in the nuts just before that photo was taken.

  27. Gordon says:

    Congratulations, Well done!

  28. Alexia Golez says:

    Very well deserved! 🙂 Will it be put in the WC?

  29. Neil says:


    Congrats! Delighted for you mate, and the irony of it all must have made it all the sweeter!

  30. Pat Phelan says:

    brilliant news, well done that man

  31. Polly Pierce says:

    Fantastic! You bloody well deserve one…

  32. what a weird win for you 🙂


  33. Radge says:

    Jolly good work.

  34. Kieran says:

    Well done, and well deserved!

  35. Aidan says:

    fair dues to you

  36. Brian Honan says:

    Congrats Damien – Well Doe

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  38. Daragh says:

    Congrats Damien! Well deserved, but who’d have thunk it?

  39. Liam says:

    ffs – a man from the web people, with the web people and for the web people – bullshit…

  40. Noel says:

    Congrats! 😀

  41. Brian Mc says:

    I’m a little late, but congrats man!

  42. conor says:

    congratulations again damien !

  43. K8 says:

    *tsk* late again!!

    Well done, Mr. Mulley, that’s great news 🙂 I hear those things are fantastic for drying underwear on!!

  44. MJ says:


    Where have I been?!

    Bril news :o)

  45. Congrats Damien,

    nice to meet you and it was very nice of you to promise unwaivering support for Bebo and every campaign that will ever go on Bebo 🙂

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  47. Quickroute says:

    Nice one!
    Love the photo