Fluffy Links – Wednesday November 19th 2008

The Pat the Baker campaign on Bebo, was it effective? My take over on Mulley.ie. Hint: NO

Markham’s take on Gladwell’s Genius piece.

Congrats to Chris and everyone in SensorPro for being shortlisted for the e-Consultancy awards.

Niall doesn’t want to be in the restaurant business. Tough work.

The Morgan Hotel is crap.

Via Conor P, the French sure like to strike.

Enterprise Ireland spam people and now Tourism Ireland spam people. Assholes.

Students blow Martin Cullen’s opportunity to do his job.

Hourly search trends from Google – a feed.

Treehugger must be desperate for pageviews. Best sex positions in “green” cars.

Barack is a total nerd. Star Trek, Superman comics and more.


Interesting stats about kids and the Internet. Safer than they want you to believe.

Holy Fuck – Milkshake

11 Responses to “Fluffy Links – Wednesday November 19th 2008”

  1. Annie says:

    Hourly trends from Google?! That is fascinating. I sense an addiction coming along…

  2. Gav says:

    Lolz at the UL piece, coming in the same week as this which led to this analysis and a lot of comments that can’t possibly be published…

  3. treehuggers drive cadillacs… it didn’t even have a towbar …?!!

  4. Gamma Goblin says:

    Anyone hear that new radio add for Brennan’s Bread? The old guy is talking about the kiddies using Facebook. I’m not up on the Facebook lingo so it came as quite a shock when the dialog went something like this “they’re all meeting each other on Facebook first, then they end up poking each other”. I was stunned, I really thought it was a skit or something.

  5. squid says:

    Cullen did eventually get to do his job. he just had to abandon his wheels and cross a nearby footbridge to get to his engagement.

    Armed detectives were on hand outside the ICO building to deal with more protesters, however from what I hear they were outsiders trying to hijack the initial protest, the aim of which was to simply block one route , make their feelings known and let him go about his business after that.

  6. Martin Cullen must be getting sick of those blown opportunities.

  7. Damien says:

    @Bock That UL event must have been hard to swallow for his PR people

  8. He probably just got sucked into a messy situation.

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