Fluffy links – Monday November 17th 2008

The Manky Toy show for 2008 is coming soon. Don your dodgy sweater, get out your bingo cards and get ready!

The Italian Foodies have a new home.

Calling all fashionistas. Want to go to the launch of some model thingy? Jason has some details.

Competition to win a meal in the lovely Fenn’s Quay restaurant.

Keith points out how Irish people are being screwed again for a most wanted phone, this time it’s Vodafone and this time it’s the Blackberry Storm.

Very interesting post from Michael Hanley on the propaganda model and how social networks and the Internet might have prevented it being used on Obama.

New blog – Party Down and Go Fuck Yourself.

Pat points out this shit hot application from Google for the iPhone.

Via Charles – Miley Cyrus and Stephen Baldwin are best buds and he has Hannah Montana initials tattooed on his shoulder/chest after she dared him. Oddness.

The SEO starter guide from Google is well worth reading.

Halfset – At This Moment Video removed

5 Responses to “Fluffy links – Monday November 17th 2008”

  1. Keith says:

    Thanks for the link

  2. fustar says:

    Ditto. Date for funs & frolics will be set soon.

  3. Charles says:

    Thanking you for the nod

  4. Joe Scanlon says:

    Oh jaysus – a lot of blue jumpers reading that SEO guide today i reckon 🙂