Are the new viewers gone yet?

I’m channeling Ze Frank here…

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Just a quick post to say hello to the new people that have subscribed to this website of late as I see my webstats are showing increases and my Feedburner stats say more people have subscribed too. I note many of you are business people. Hello world of Irish PR! It’s great you’re here as many offices now block this website because I use naughty words far too often. Fuck you web filtering software!

For all those that are new and are none too shy, why not leave a comment and say hello and who you are and how and why you’re hanging around these parts? Introducing yourself in the comments means everyone else that reads here can see who you are too. That’s a good thing. Unless it’s not. Then it’s different. It’s far from a networking event but it might be nice to say hello to each other because in the 8 years I’ve been writing on this site, it’s way beyond just about me, is now part influenced by the inmates.

Hello too to the kids with the funny accents who I chatted to at WIT yesterday. You were really sound.

11 Responses to “Are the new viewers gone yet?”

  1. Keith says:

    Eight years. Feck. That’s a long time in interwebs.

    (And web filtering software should be sent to Scunthorpe)

  2. Fergal says:

    Hi Damien – Having only moved back to Ireland recently your blog is a great way of keeping up to date with what’s (not) happening with broadband in Ireland.

    My favourite post is:

    We started a campaign in August to get our exchange upgraded ( and it’s great to see there are plenty of other activists out there.

    Keep up the good work!

  3. Damien Mulley,

    I’ve justed entered the blog scene and am slowly, very slowly getting some posts out. I’m interested and watching you more regular old timers (web 2.0) for tips and conversation leads. Perhaps I can emulate your skill in writing with a few architectural designs posts. Until next time…

  4. Prometheus II says:


    Far too many fucking naughty words

    And what the bollocks is wrong with Scunthorpe?

    OK. Don’t answer that

  5. floyd.pepper says:

    hey there, i’ve been reading for prob about 2 yrs or maybe more. i’m living outside ireland and find it good to keep up to date on what’s happening in the tech sector back home.
    ur seminars really interest me. i’m trying to move more and more in this direction.

  6. Quickroute says:

    I trawl the web for hours and hours each day looking for filth and naughty words (not just any kind of naughty words mind you) and somehow I ultimately always end up here

  7. ollie says:

    “Hello too to the kids with the funny accents who I chatted to at WIT yesterday. You were really sound.”

    mr. mulley i was one of those “kids” from w.i.t. and id like to inform u that YOU were the only one with a “funny accent”. you will be hearing from my solicitor!!! hahaha (only jokin)…

    presentation was savage!! thanks!!

  8. Conortje says:

    8 years? and to think I was excited about my 200th post 🙂

  9. Teknovis says:

    Hello Damien,

    I have recently had a life changing event that has resulted in me having substantially more time! So I am starting to reclaim my life 😉

    Starting a proper public blog has been on my list for a long time, so I have finally done it!

    I like your blog because the articles are broad enough, to the point, and new ones are posted frequently! I have been reading it on and off for a while, and I cannot how I first came across it…

  10. Diarmuid says:

    Been reading your blog for about 6 months – can’t remember how I came across it. I like your independent, unvarnished opinions on the state of the nation and the online scene in general. The links are great too. And all the effin’ and blindin’.

  11. Daily Spud says:

    This feels a bit like the declaration at the start of an AA meeting (not that I’ve ever been at one, you understand)… anyway, I happened by your blog of late through having:

    (a) developed a recent curiosity about the blogosphere
    (b) taken to scribbling myself (about foodie things) at
    (c) become rapidly addicted to same (does Bloggers Anonymous exist?)

    Oh, and I don’t mind the cursin’ (and neither does my web content filter, it seems)