IrelandMetrix launches, offers bloggers in-depth webstats tool

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IrelandMetrix are launching later today and as part of their launch offer, bloggers will be able to avail of their analysis and web stats service which is normally a monthly subscription. They’re billing it as a competitor to the JNLRs and the stats that they give. If I’m led to believe is correct then you should be able to get in-depth stats about your readers which, if you want to do advertising, will be dead handy. Check out their website, when it goes live…

4 Responses to “IrelandMetrix launches, offers bloggers in-depth webstats tool”

  1. Colm says:

    Typo in the title there Damo.

  2. We need a transparent, independent measurement tool that the entire Irish online industry is involved in. The fact that this is a census versus panel (JNIR) method of audience measurement is positive.

  3. Gerry says:

    Great idea offering the stats to bloggers. The regular publication of site analytics is very useful.