Fluffy Links – Wednesday November 12th 2008

Fergal has a good post on Irish politics and Obama stylings.

While it’s advice for those interested in Civil Partnership rights, Suzy’s excellent advice should be used by all campaigners.

Michael Knight – Youth Is Wasted On The Young, now available for cheap download.

Donncha shows us who the noisiest Irish Twitterers are.

Nice post from Alexia on the idea of a desktop app store. Adobe should be creating one of them for Air developers and Photoshop plugin developers.

Indeed, this is very funny.

Congrats to all on the launch of Gadget Republic.

Getting married soonish? Care to take the Wedding Budget Survey for Ciara?

Krishna is doing a master class on LinkedIn in Dublin on Nov 21st. Have a looksee. it@cork should be doing one around December 10th too. I think I’m down as presenting.

Chuck Norris. Still crazy.

Facebook now allows booze companies.

Martin Murray in Interactive Return covers: Brand Reputation and Management

Bob Dylan – Huck’s Tune. (fanmade vid so ignore)

5 Responses to “Fluffy Links – Wednesday November 12th 2008”

  1. Colm says:

    donncha’s stats aren’t restricted to Irish twitterers. It’s restricted to people he follows. Unless @scobleizer has applied for citizenship

  2. Getting married in Dec!
    I just did Ciara’s wedding budget survey so hopefully i might win the prize!

  3. kevin says:

    Thanks a million for the plug Damien! Link is not working for the Michael Knight album as I am in the middle of a redesign…..

    This url http://www.indiecater.blogspot.com/

    should do the business!!

  4. Rahood says:

    mobi.gadgetrepublic.com/ , I will bookmark but the frontpage www is so broken in FF Dillo and Lynx its just not worth my while.