Cork Prison spends 90k on taxis over 3 years

The more puntastic headline for this could have been: Joyce Le Taxi

Perdões-MG Taxi e Presleyson
Photo owned by Presleyson Lima (cc)

I’m loving the Government eTenders site. Currently just searching for any tenders awarded with the Cork keyword. Found this:

The Irish Prison Service has a requirement for the transport of staff, visitors, prisoners, and small goods within the environs of Cork City and County areas, and occasionally as the need arises further afield. It is expected that the service will commence in early 2008 for initial period of 3 years with the option to extend for a further 12 months. The contracted service provider will be available to provide taxi services throughout the day and throughout the year to Cork Prison, as required.

It’s for 90k over three years starting in 2008 and was awarded to Joyce Russell Cabs

7 Responses to “Cork Prison spends 90k on taxis over 3 years”

  1. Speaking from experience, the Prison Service Taxi is a comfortable ride for detainees from the airport to the prison. While not as spacious as luxury transport services operating out of Cashel, the prison taxi service deserves at least three stars on Louder Voice for its clean, comfortable and quiet ride in times of stress. As an Irish taxpayer, I am glad to see the value for money arising from such a service and pleased that additional prison service staff would not be needed in this ancillary transport role, either as additional manpower or in terms of overtime payments.

  2. Don’t they also need a car with a front-back partition disable-able door handles? London cabs ftw!

  3. There’s an ‘and’ missing there, sorry.

  4. I think they just put people in regular taxis, accompanied by a prison officer. We have high security prisoners in mind when we think of prisoner transport, but an awful lot of it is just moving around fairly low-risk guys.

    Transport is expensive no matter what way you do it. Taxis are actually as good value as any other way, and a lot less expensive than employing drivers.

  5. The Saint says:

    Mmmm, this doesn’t really seem all that unreasonable actually.

  6. paulo says:

    Just how many rides do you get for 90k?

  7. Alonso says:

    At least they can get a taxi, I had to walk from Dublin city centre to Clondalkin the other night