Dark is the night – Dark Days documentary

Dark Days is a fascinating documentary that won multiple awards a few years back.

Near Penn Station, next to the Amtrak tracks, squatters have been living for years. Marc Singer goes underground to live with them, and films this “family.” A dozen or so men and one woman talk about their lives: horrors of childhood, jail time, losing children, being coke-heads.

It’s now on Google video:

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  1. roosta says:

    Nice find…its a great, great film.

    Also on Google Video, while we’re at it, is an Unreasonable Man, a very informative documentary about Ralph Nader…

    Part One:

  2. john hopkins says:

    I thought this film was stark, sobering, and amazing. What particularly caught my eye was the beautiful humanity that exists in the tunnels. These people have fallen–so to speak–on the road to Jericho, and yet, among them, are good Samaritans willing to enter into the suffering of another.

  3. Mr. Byron says:

    I thought this movie was kind of sad because of how homeless they were. But once you think about it it is their fault they were homeless because they started to do drugs. But they got another chance. They all got apartments and they talked about getting jobs and make something of themselves.

  4. KMillll says:

    Dark Days was a great documentary. However, is was very despondent to see the stigmatized pariahs try to survive in the underground tunnels of New York. The documentary really opened my eyes to see the terrible outcome of being homeless. It was very disturbing to see them live their lives in their noisome, unsanitized living conditions that they built themselves. You could say that their excess drug use and horrible hygiene was killing them slowly. However, it was great to see how their lives had suddenly turned from worse to living the life, when they were each given their own section 8 appartments.

  5. charlie says:

    Dark Days was a very good movie; it is a side of the world that most people will never see. It is very unfortunate for those people that do have to experience that though. It is sad that these people that lived in the subways never knew how bad they had it until they were evicted from the tunnel and given apartments to live in. Even though these people lived underground and were homeless they still showed a great deal of humanity and respect for one another.

  6. shaun bosse says:

    Dark Days was a very good movie that shows people the lifestyles of those homeless people who live in the dark, dank subway tunnels under New York City. I think that it shows people that they should be happy with what they have in life. Those homeless people lived as a community and treated eachother like family, and I think that this movies shows not how people should live but how we should treat eachother and to be greatful with what we have.

  7. kris says:

    I thought that the men and women who live down in the tunnels were very strong because they lived through the worst posible thing that could of happened and most of them went down there as crack heads and when they came out they weren’t on crack any more. I thought that they are some of the strongest people I have ever seen. Not because they lived down their but because they got off drugs and then got out of the tunnels.The day they were evicted I was desponent for them because to all the people who work every day looked at them like they had a stigma. But when they emerged from that tunnel and got section 8 housing was truly a benevolent day.

  8. The movie Dark Days was very interesting. It was crazy to see how people can live and servive with no money a clean heathy house or anything. they lived like a family and in my opinion that’s the most inportant thing in life not to have money or nice things it’s love and care and a family to look out for you when you need it and that’s what they had. I enjoyed the movie very much.

  9. Dark Days is a mind jarring poignant movie about a myriad of homless people living in the subway tunnels. These people have hit rock bottom. alot of the people living there are despondent and crack addicts not knowing what to do. Soon enough, there is word that they are going to be evicted and soon enough things start looking good for these people.

    I thought this was an incredible movie; it showed the life of these people and what struggles they go through on a daily basis, some of them are addicts, some of them are former addicts. although these people are homeless, they have tried to somewhat stay civilized. They keep what little stuff they have clean and organized and they have built little rooms for themseles, they help eachother out, and do what they can for themselves, and others. overall this movie was incredible. It made me realize how lucky I am to have what i have and be thankful for the things peope do for me.

  10. Darks Dys was an incredable film showing the cruel realitys of life when you hit rock bottom. Living in the dark deep tunnels of the New York City subway was a stigma. These pariahs of the world are at the abyss of life. They live despondent lives. Although in the tunnels, they have made homes and lives of their own down their. Taking what they can get they’ve built their own dwelling even equipped with electricity, water, and even beds. Some are clean but some hustle and do what they can to support their drug habbits. This documentary can make you reaize how lucky you are and appreciate life. I give it a good review and suggest you tune in.

  11. christoph shaughnessy says:

    I felt the movie Dark Days was an unbelievable documentary. I thought this because it shows another side of life. A side that many of the worlds population doesn’t see everyday. This lifestyle these homeless people live in these abandoned railroad tunnels is amazing. These are good people who live lives of quiet desperation.

  12. Chris S says:


  13. Is this some kind of class assignment to write a review on the blog post?

  14. Keith says:

    Be nice Damo – there’s another 90 days left in “America is good again because they elected Obama”

  15. christoph shaughness says:

    Damian makes a good point, our ‘mentor’ is a bit of a plonker, lets just put our reviews on memory sticks and not spam his blog. If anyone else posts a review i’ll fucking bust their head. Very sorry,