Green Party TD Paul Gogarty cares

Watch this first before reading down. Please.

Found via David Cochrane is coverage of the antics of Paul Gogarty by Miriam Lord:

Sen Fitzgerald approached the microphone and made a number of points, many questioning Minister for the Environment John Gormley’s views on incineration and the Green Party’s bona fides in opposing the Rathcoole project.

As she spoke, Gogo suddenly jumped to his feet and collapsed on the ground, flailing his arms and rolling about before lying still for a few minutes. Then he picked himself up and sat back down.

Ah now. It wasn’t like he was wearing a chicken suit. Though that’s maybe because he doesn’t like meat, animal meat.

Put it this way. If somebody asked me to cook a kitten in a microwave, the thought would cross my mind. But I’m an animal-loving vegetarian, so I wouldn’t do it.”

Dave goes on to mention on a press release from Fine Gael’s Brian (some of his best friends are of the coloured persuasion dontchaknow) Hayes attributing Paul’s spirited caring about local and national issues as being down to mental health issues:

Everyone knows Paul Gogarty is the original rebel without a clue but Iā€™m seriously beginning to worry for his mental health as he continues to lead a double life.

That’s a bit unfair to to those that suffer mental health really. Paul just gives a shit, it seems. Maybe that’s why Fine Gael think he’s got something wrong in his brain.

Paul has promised a repeat. I hear it might be like this:

This is my second post about you Paul but you can probably guess I like Eamon more. šŸ™‚

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  1. Mike says:

    wtf breakdancing greens!

    the country is in safe hands…?
    Rock on Homer you de man