BarCamp Cork II afterthoughts

BarCamp Cork

After a slow start (I was still wrecked from the night before and came down on the 7am train from Dublin) BarCamp Cork really picked up momentum as the day progressed. People complained the morning was too “codey” but I guess the programmers were first in and got their names on the programme first. That or, maybe the programmers were actually less shy than the more business-type speakers. There’s always a first!

Coming up to lunch we really saw things happening with lots of talks being added, more spaces being invaded for use for chats and teeny tiny sessions and the topic content broadened quite a lot. There were a lot of new faces too who were not at the original BarCamp or the any of the ones after that. I was most impressed with the Dublin contingent who came down, as well as the Nordies (yay) and even Emma from the UK who I was told gave a fab talk about what BarCamp is all about. I’d loved to have seen that talk and perhaps Emma could make a video of this at the next BarCamp she goes to and upload it. Should it be the prerequisite video to watch for everyone that attends a BarCamp?

Alexia and Pat held court around lunchtime in the MAXRoam offices and the room was stuffed to the gills with interested people. There was a lot more interactivity at this BarCamp than the previous one I was at and I think a lot of people were so chuffed that they may go off and run their own, right Aileen, right Jessica? 🙂

There was a considerable amount of talented people at BarCamp and many of these are going to be big names within a few years. Hopefully the BarCamps have been part of this incubation process. Onwards and upwards.

BarCamp Cork was pretty much the baby of Conor O’Neill who put it all together. All. A huge thanks is due to Kay Wright from the Webworks who on her day off came along and helped out and to the sponsors who backed this event. Hopefully we’ll see more events at Webworks too. Beautiful location.

5 Responses to “BarCamp Cork II afterthoughts”

  1. Mary says:

    I must say I really enjoyed the day as well. Can’t wait to see what happens next. I am always amazed at the amount of knowledge that can be shared in just one day. Looking forward to number three.

  2. Really enjoyed the event, though I too was slightly worse for wear in the morning! Pat and Alexia’s session at lunch really energised everyone and great connections were made. Hats off to Conor for organising a great event!

  3. Justin Mason says:

    ‘Should it be the prerequisite video to watch for everyone that attends a BarCamp?’

    eh, I hope not. I’m sure Emma’s very nice and all, of course, but what are her qualifications to dictate what BarCamp is about?

  4. Des says:

    Good write up Damien, I had a cool time there.

    Justin, her talk was more about what you can get out of barcamp than it was “here is what Barcamp is about”. In terms of qualifications, she’s been to more than anyone I know. I think she is definitely worth listening to, especially if, like me, it’s your first time.