Yeah Yeah Yeahs are spa spa spas

Yeah Yeah Yeahs get their fans to lipsynch to their latest song and record themselves on video doing so. Fans do. Yeah Yeah Yeahs make a video based in part on these user-generated/fan-generated bits.

All is well. Money being made from super-fans.

Fans then upload their full versions of the videos Yeah Yeah Yeahs took snapshots of. Yeah Yeah Yeahs get fan vids shut down. How stupid are these people? Burning the people who are helping to produce the video and to spread the word to their networks. Nutso!

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6 Responses to “Yeah Yeah Yeahs are spa spa spas”

  1. Mark from Qumas says:

    The term spa is derogatory and being used by a person in the media is a sheer display of ignorance and stupidity . Shame on you.

  2. Damien says:

    I’m not in the media you stupid cunt. Calling me an asshole in your email is allowed though yeah?

  3. Wow, touchy. Sorry I rattled your cage there Damo. I’m not going to stoop to your base level but take some sound advice from me. When you do eventually graduate from Clown college don’t work with the public, I don’t think you’ve got the temperament or the brain power.

  4. TUG says:

    In fairness, as the linky suggests, it’s doubtless the YYYs themselves had any hand or act in this, Universal pay lawyers big wonga and this is just them doing their necessary thang to justify huge wages!

  5. What TUg said, although if it was the YYY’s, it just makes it worse that they made it through the internet!
    Mark from Qumas I guess is one of those people who supports censorship? Reminds me of those wanks on forums who use law talk.