Broadband customer service – Want to tell RTE about it?

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RTE Current Affairs are looking for stories about experiences with broadband or customer service in general. Want to tell your side? They’re looking for both positive and not so positive experiences. I know which will have the most volume!

Email: with your story.

7 Responses to “Broadband customer service – Want to tell RTE about it?”

  1. sweet… I wonder if they’d be interested in my tale of woe here: (feckers still haven’t paid me the money they owe me).

    Must dust off the gripes file and get on to RTE about it.

  2. PK says:

    I’ve been in a fight with UPC for about two years and I thought it was over. But then last month I got a letter from a debt collector asking for the money. I since unloaded my complaints on to him and he quickly responded to say that UPC would be in touch again but “this unfortunately does not mean that UPC will not try pursue it further”.

    The funny part is I had the similar technical problems with my move to eircom, but they came out and fixed it within two weeks of my complaint and reimbursed me for all that I had paid to that point (same as the UPC amount I’m still fighting with them over). They can’t destroy my credit rating on this can they??

    Thanks for the pointer. Feels good to be empowered.

  3. doin’ it tomorrow – they wont beat 3,500 euro installation and 350 euro a month!

  4. squid says:

    UPC really pisses me off bigtime.

    Was trying to fix a wifi network for a relative and by Christ it was a nightmare.

    They have two separate boxes, the modem, and the wireless router. They don’t offer support for the router, you have to call a separate 1800 number, and if you want help setting your computer up on the network you have to call a 1550 number. These muppets should be able to provide support for the equipment they supply.

    And when are Irish Rail going to get wifi. Bus Eireann have it ffs.

  5. barry says:

    Did I miss something? What the f do RTE want the data for?? My instinct is to not bother, most of the RTE stuff on BB is crap, including a few items you’ve been involved with Damien (not your fault). They do the usual skip over and don’t ask/enquire of/involve the real cuplrits, like have you ever heard/see ConReg on there?? Oh yes ConReg ha been on but they don’t answer the real questions. IMO RTE doesn’t upset the people who pay the bills. Don’t forget the Dail Committee threat….

    Bye, Barry

  6. Deborah says:

    Will send them my tales of woe with Ice Broadband.