New Media, New Audience? – Free Arts Council conference on November 25th

The amazing Annette in association with the Arts Council has organised a whopper of a conference in Dublin Castle on November 25th titled New Media, New Audience?. Two keynoters will be speaking, the engaging, intelligent and charming Charles Leadbeater (see his TED video) and the crank’s favourite Andrew (is to Nicholas Carr, as Channel 6 is to the Beeb) Keen.

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Photo owned by Cindy Funk (cc)

The full agenda includes some great panel discussions and workshops. (Disclaimer: I’m giving a workshop and getting paid for it). It’s nice to see a traditional and what I’d see as conservative (Arts being conservative seems so wrong!) group take the idea of new/social media heads on and see what they can do together. Every element in every segment could do with more insight from those in the Arts in my view.

Register here to attend the day.

2 Responses to “New Media, New Audience? – Free Arts Council conference on November 25th”

  1. Omaniblog says:

    Hi Damian,
    You were great yesterday. I loved your challenging enquiry as to whether RTE would release their archive to the taxpayers. I don’t think you expect them to agree to it, but you might be aiming to build up a head of steam in favour of the idea. Andrew Taylor’s response – suggesting that all new contracts could include the signing over of rights to the public – I thought was a good place to start.

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