Go on Digital Ireland – Cybercom and Nubiq are winners

Cybercom has scooped a 2008 MAA Globe Award for Best Digital Communications Campaign in Toronto this week, for its work on the Powerade ‘Never Give Up’ campaign. It’s not the first award though for this. The campaign has won the Grand Prix at the APMC (Association of Promotional Marketing Consultants), an award for Best Marketing and Communications Campaign at the Coca-Cola Worldwide Marketing Awards and more.

And then also this week Waterford’s Nubiq won a Most Innovative Mobile Internet Consumer Deployment award at the Mobile Internet World in Boston for their Zinadoo Mobile Website Creation service.

Well done both companies who have been working away for the past while and are being rewarded for their efforts. The recognition they got is great for them and for the digital and tech scene in Ireland.

2 Responses to “Go on Digital Ireland – Cybercom and Nubiq are winners”

  1. Brian Honan says:

    not forgetting Beyond Encryption for reaching the world finals of the Global Security Challenge


  2. Calvin Jones says:

    Just catching up reading some blog posts and spotted this.

    The Cybercom “Never Give Up” campaign for Powerade was one of the case studies we featured in “Understanding Digital Marketing” (avoided the temptation to add an Amazon affiliate link in there, you’ll notice ;-)).

    It’s great to see Irish companies making an impact in the digital space, and I’m sure we’ll see more innovation and creativity emerging from these shores in the future.

    Well done to all concerned!