BarCamp talk: The Famous Raffle. Wanna be on TV?

The list of talks (so far) people have suggested for BarCamp Cork II on November 1st. I’m going to do two, if we have the time and space.

The second one is top secret though some know what it is, it’ll be revealed on the day. It’s a bit of fun and troublemaking. And the first: The Famous Raffle: An open discussion (chaired by me) where one person is picked out of a hat and we figure out how to make them famous nationally

Photo owned by Banalities (cc)

Vulgar, brash and tabloidesque it maybe but .. actually there are no buts. Allof the above. Applicants put their name on a piece of paper and all pieces are put into a hat. We then pick out one from the hat, bring the person to the front of the room, they explain who they are and why they want to get fame and then we as a group figure out the best way to get them into the national consciousness (without them doing anything criminal). Someone can take notes, or the group can and that can be used as their media plan. They will also win one of the very exclusive Mediawhore badges as commissioned by Mulley Communications.

You in? Sign up to BarCamp Cork now.

No video or audio recording or transmission will be allowed at either session.

7 Responses to “BarCamp talk: The Famous Raffle. Wanna be on TV?”

  1. Oh that is brilliant! Run them in the European elections as a medical card candidate.

  2. Rebecca says:

    What a fantastic idea! Like X-Factor for techies. Tech-factor! I know, lame….

  3. Anyone remember “I’ll do anything to get on TV” about 10 years ago? I still have nightmares about some of the stuff people did.

    You’ve ruled out illegal – does that mean embarassing and/or disgusting are still included?

  4. Damien says:

    @Keith For sure, what’s your hook?

  5. Fran says:

    Damien, don’t forget if you need that oversize prop for “photo & news editors” to help your “Victim” make an impact. Give me a call.

  6. @Damien I can’t imagine I have anything that’s of great interest to the national media. Maybe that means that my hook is that I have no hook – a real challenge for the group. 🙂

    It sounds like a fun event – especially if you end up with someone radical or someone that the traditional media would not normally be interested in.

  7. Love it. When I was in 1st year in college, a bunch of Engineers decided to get the most annoying guy in their class elected UCD Student’s Union President. Their campaign was hilarious and effective. He won!