Tuesday Push 21st October 2008 – Bookmeetingroom.com

This is the Tuesday Push, the idea is that anyone (not just tech companies or bloggers) talk up an Irish technology product service. One that is unique and offers value. We’re not in the business of being a free a marketing team for off-the-shelf products that have been rebadged. Please keep that in mind. If you want to submit your tech product, do so here. If you want to partake, then just watch this space every second Tuesday. Also, feedback, positive or negative once constructive is welcomed. This is about encouragement with eyes open.

Today’s pushee is BookMeetingRoom.com

Book Meeting Room


Simplify the management of meeting room booking and other shared resource reservations within your office environment quickly and efficiently using bookmeetingroom.com. No software downloads or additional hardware required, simply use this web service from your web browser. Full self-service capability frees up central administration time. Improves staff efficiency, reduces administration overheads.

And in English: An online booking system for meeting rooms in your organisation. I chatted to Jeremiah about this app and it was built from a need they had themselves for booking meeting rooms in a shared facility they’re in. Real world solution to a real world problem they were encountering.

Try the system out for yourself. It’s very easy to do and cuts down the need for emailing a PA or office manager to book rooms. I’ve seen excel sheet style systems where you could book a room after viewing what rooms were available but only an office manager could make the changes. Then emails had to happen and waiting for replies and all that jazz. Bookmeetingroom.com removes all that bother.

One Response to “Tuesday Push 21st October 2008 – Bookmeetingroom.com”

  1. Neil says:

    A very clever idea, and I was chatting to one of their guys about it briefly at the Web Awards, and he was a really sound guy….