Web Awards a few hours away

The Web Awards are a few hours away and things will go wrong, I know that for certain after three Blog Awards but it won’t change a great night and a great event. So much is going to be happening and can’t be stopped that it’s going to be framazing. (This word made sense when I wrote it) Thanks to so many people that have been helping out in the background too who I’ll thank on the evening.

5 Responses to “Web Awards a few hours away”

  1. Ciara says:

    Good luck with them Damien, I really hope all your work pays off 🙂

  2. good luck, relax and enjoy


  3. Grannymar says:

    It will be a winner!

    Sorry not to be there with you all tonight. I will try to keep up with things online as it happens.

  4. Polly Pierce says:

    Best of Luck! Enjoy the evening and good on ya…

  5. I’m sure it’s going to go perfectly! You’ve done a great job.