Fluffy Links – Monday October 6th 2008

Potentially blog post of the month in the wake of the Twenty incident?

Congrats to John and his wife on the new addition.

Suzy has a nice breakdown of Irish blog posts on the Irish financial meltdown.

The Last Rewind was on Phantom again yesterday. A show about the days of taping and mixtapes. I recently bought an old cassette Walkman from eBay.

New blog: The Hawthorne Effect. You may remember him from such blogs as…

This is a blog about my own work as a social researcher and how the things we often take for granted in the public sphere are more complex than are reported in the mass media.

Today’s ad men talk about yesterday’s Mad Men. No women to answer the questions?

Yeah it’s morally wrong but this is a fascinating way of getting money from people. It scares me at how easy it is to dupe people. Hello politics!

from here: What the Brick really is, according to Weintraub’s sources, is a block of high-quality, aircraft grade aluminum out of which Apple’s new laptops will be carved using robot-controlled lasers and high-powered jets of water in Jobs’ new factory.

Shel Israel has a nice post on the Power of retweeting. New version of pass it on but this time the rebroadcast keeps the original message and each pass sends it to dozens or hundreds of new people.

The Internet of things.

Life is hard:

Eels – It’s a Motherfucker

5 Responses to “Fluffy Links – Monday October 6th 2008”

  1. whoopsadaisy says:

    Blog post of the month?? Seriously? It was like being back in the playground again, albeit with bigger words and people who should know better getting all riled up over nowt. Don’t drag it on!

    I can’t decide if that online auction “game” is pure genius or evil. It’s scary just how dumb people are.

  2. Emmet Ryan says:

    Yeah I was a tad unimpressed following the hyped up lead-in.

  3. MJ says:

    Oh come on it was funny…

  4. Emmet Ryan says:

    Found it mediocre at best to be honest.

  5. Gray Wright says:

    Heard the same show and made me think about mixtapes to the point where I went looking and found some. Maybe not the best idea given the history attached to them. Will get around to blogging this eventually.