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The best anti-drugs video ever

Monday, September 22nd, 2008

Via Mick

Edit: Video already removed. It was a youngfella on something filmed walking around a town in the early morning.

Special K?

Fluffy Links – Monday September 22nd 2008

Monday, September 22nd, 2008

Via Aisle One. Check out the amazing work of Patrick Mullen. Typetastic.

For those sick of the property market lies – Irish Home Truths

Blacknight tips for moving between hosting providers.

Spanish wine tasting at Bubble Brothers HQ on Thursday. Come along!

Tweak. An art and electro and tech festival on in Limerick. 22nd and 27th of September 2008. The lineup looks fantastic. Well worth going to I should think.

Young Entrepreneur Bluesky event in Tralee on Friday.

VRM Hub Conference – London, Monday, November 03, 2008, 2pm. I’d love to go but no way I can.

Other bits:
Goosebump city for West Wing fans. Aaron Sorkin did a fanfic of Obama talking to Jed Bartlett.

You were raised by a single mother on food stamps — where does a guy with eight houses who was legacied into Annapolis get off calling you an elitist? And by the way, if you do nothing else, take that word back. Elite is a good word, it means well above average. I’d ask them what their problem is with excellence.

Thanks to Google Blogoscoped I saw that GMail labs allow you to put your labels and chat on the right of GMail. This for me has made GMail a little bit more productive for me as I have a hell of a lot of labels and a very wide screen.

You can now play songs in Yahoo! search results. Great idea. Now if only anyone used Yahoo!

Via Kottke: The new Charlie Kaufman movie Synecdoche New York:

Via Fabulist: TV on the Radio – Golden Age
[hyoutube ztoQALeDiLk]

Protest against Government bail outs of property developers

Sunday, September 21st, 2008

FYI via The Property Pin, Karl from is organising a demonstration outside the Dáil:

WHAT: Peaceful demonstration to protest against Government bail outs of property developers.

WHERE: Outside the Dail at the junction of Molesworth Street and Kildare Street in Dublin 2

WHEN: Thursday 25th September at 1:30 p.m.

WHY: Bailing out the property market is a mistake.

Oh do come along

Sunday, September 21st, 2008

The Moviestar Irish Web Awards are on October 11th. Registration is now open.

There’s even an unofficial Facebook event page thing for it. Already!

It should be a laugh. If the usual gathering and community building at the Blog Awards gets replicated again at this then without talking it up too much, it should be fantastic. Everyone is welcome too. You don’t need to be nominated, you don’t need a website or a blog. 30 euros in. Rick O’Shea is your wonderful MC for the event too.

Moviestar Irish Web Awards

If you can’t be interesting, be useful

Sunday, September 21st, 2008

Via Roo Reynolds was a talk by the amazingly interesting and wizard of interestingness – Russell Davies and one of the things Russell suggested was be interesting and:

If you can’t be interesting, be useful

There have been a tonne of blog posts about the drunkathon that was last Thursday evening at Spy but for me the most interesting post was by Daragh Doyle. It answers the first part of the above quote. Darragh did a brilliant A to Z of the evening in pictures and verse. Imaginative and informative. While all the other blog posts about it were great, this stood out a clear mile. That’s one way of being interesting.

Fricking laser beams

The more I listen to it the better/worse it gets

Saturday, September 20th, 2008

Ian McThrillpier recommended TV on the Radio’s new album Dear Science and the new album from Parenthetical Girls called Entanglements. I’ve given both albums equal listening time to be balanced.

The more I listen to the TV on the Radio album, the worse it gets. It’s rather boring and run of the mill. I thought the previous album was better.

However the Parenthetical Girls album just gets better with each play. First time hearing them was on Ian’s mixtape and after hearing the one song of theirs I bought the album for a mere 9 quid from iTunes.

TV on the Radio – I was a lover (From their last album – Return to Cookie Mountain)


Thursday, September 18th, 2008

In Dublin til tomorrow evening. Off to see this new mad DJ on the disco scene called TheRick or something… and meetings tomorrow. If around and you want to meet etc. assume the position.

Ugh and this train is one of the shitty old school ones. Can’t see any of their No Homo signs. Must have hidden them…

Fluffy Links – Thursday September 18th 2008

Thursday, September 18th, 2008

New blog (to me) Drinkin’ Guinness in the 416

And another. Mishkan ha-Echad

And another. (spotting a trend?) Vinca in tha kitchen

Have a looksee at the Irish Allotments blog.

Pat Phelan versus O2 at Mobile Monday?

So Bandcamp looks interesting.

Hilarious. How Panti and a friend conned a TV show into sending them to NY.

Want these cakes. Now.

Saul Bass was such a genius.

But in the new economy of abundance, monitoring use without charging for use is sufficient for extracting new value. More.

Great whitepaper on visitor engagement.

Is this real? It almost seems like this dog’s actions are SFX.

Three Moviestar Web Awards Sponsorship Slots left

Wednesday, September 17th, 2008

Moviesatr Irish Web Awards

The final three sponsorship slots for the Moviestar Web Awards are:

Best Government Website
Best Council Website
Best Education website

See more details on what sponsoring gets you.

Fluffy Links – Wednesday September 17th 2008

Wednesday, September 17th, 2008

Brilliant. Joe created a custom Google search for Irish Entrepenurs looking for Government information.

Irish blogger likes everything, everyone, every.

Southern Fried – the Munster Hockey blog. are looking for feedback on how they do their blog/vids.

The Awards for Commercial-free Schools are on Friday 26th of September.

Nialler talks the new Juana Molina album. I’ll be getting that thank you. Shame she’s playing Cork the night of the Web Awards. Maybe she can play them instead?

Green Ink is watching the little things about Eamon Ryan.

1.3M for the Dáil tuck shop where all the chocolate melts during the Summer COS IT’S MADE OF GLASS!

This job spec from NixonMcInnes is amazing. Their company philosophy is a powerful way to run a business. Or else they’re just hippies. I did notice a flower in Will’s hair the last time I saw him.

Fantastic use of Freedom of Information requests. But I would say that with all the ones I do.

Liking this t-shirt.

The Subways – Rock N Roll Queen