Fluffy Links – Tuesday September 30th 2008

There are so many double entendres in the Fluffy Links today. Apologies.

Suzy gets a facial.

Ciara and her runaway brides.

Michele kicks the IEDR in the nuts. They need to be nuked.

Niall has a video of his lamb kebabs. On the Times website no less!

Get your o2 gripes out here.

Why are the religious types obsessed with willys up the bum? Seriously like:

Does Mary I no longer teach against the sin of sodomy and the homosexual agenda?

Check out Bookkake.

Matt Jones from Dopplr did a great at Picnic talk called The emerging real-time social web. You can see it here.

Terrified of Facebook? Maybe you should be:

The day that Kim Bowen accidentally sent a video of a woman shitting in a hot tub to 200 of her co-workers was the day she knew her relationship with Facebook would never be the same.

Gilligan’s Island = hell. So the idea of Lost being hell or purgatory wasn’t new.

Heart attack in a can.

Of note is a mid-morning talk I’m giving on October 16th in Cork entitled: Media and Marketing in the Digital Age in assoication with Enterprise Ireland’s Webworks and it@cork. This one is free to it@cork members.

3 Responses to “Fluffy Links – Tuesday September 30th 2008”

  1. emordino says:

    Gilligan’s Island = Lost

    The last three minutes is genius.

  2. “Willys up the bum”? I word “repressed” comes to mind…

  3. fustar says:

    Left a comment over on the “Willys up the bum” blog but it appears to have been nuked…