Fluffy Links – Tuesday September 23rd 2008

The Web Awards organising still roars on soaking up all my time. Oh yes, register if you want to attend. 100 people are coming so far. Luckily Mulley Communications Ltd is now my full time gig so I can dedicate some time to it.

Post the Roast for this week is up.

Eighty stories, twenty photos, one book, ready in time for Christmas, all proceeds to Focus Ireland. A bloggers’ book?

The slide cast of the pitch for Decisions for Heroes.

Julian points out another RTE cookery show looking for contestants.

Google’s own docs show that people can’t tell the difference between ads and search results on Google? They were selling this as a plus to potential advertisers. Youch. That’s not balanced or impartial.

How Social Media Can Help Your PR Efforts

RTE plagiarism? Once instance only?

50 amazing tour posters

History of NYC’s Internet community by Fred Wilson.

Cisco virtualizes the Data Centre.

Minimal Sites. Yum.

Via Colm Brophy: Fucked up kiddies slide. Is this real?

3 Responses to “Fluffy Links – Tuesday September 23rd 2008”

  1. That slide… Jesus it’s like the playground of horrors!

  2. There are techniques for detecting this kind of plagiarism happening: http://glinden.blogspot.com/2008/08/clever-method-of-near-duplicate.html

    Irish ‘journalists’ really are a lazy bunch. I think they deserve a kick in the proverbial nads.

  3. […] (art, design, film posters, Gig posters) Some stunning posters I discovered via Mulley’s fluffy links. These are some of my […]