In Dublin til tomorrow evening. Off to see this new mad DJ on the disco scene called TheRick or something… and meetings tomorrow. If around and you want to meet etc. assume the position.

Ugh and this train is one of the shitty old school ones. Can’t see any of their No Homo signs. Must have hidden them…

6 Responses to “Dooblin”

  1. What time is your train? I am in Hothouse till about 5pm.

  2. squid says:

    It could be one of those trains they bought before television, when there was no sex whatsoever in Ireland, It wouldn’t surprise me if their rolling stock included trains of that era.

  3. Alexia Golez says:

    You enjoyed the train ride up. Admit it. 🙂

  4. Brian says:

    … and we all know why! muahaha 😀

  5. Keith says:


    Are you suggesting that the rolling stock includes trains from a time AFTER that period?

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