Fluffy Links – Thursday 11th September 2008

Congrats to Fiona and her new On the Fringe blog on the Irish Times website.

So I watched the US election convention speeches and the best one was from Hillary, followed by Obama’s. McCain’s own one seems to have bombed. Garr Reynolds takes it to pieces here.

Twitter goes even more mainstream with a CNN show using the power of it.

Via Brian, Kim Jong…

This is marketing!

Google invests in a satellite “broadband” company.

Via Kerry (again) Ranking in Google’s top ten might not be enough these days. People expect just the top few results to give them what they want.

Nice idea from the Wikipedia founder. Use the Wikipedia ideals for information on green issues.

Every photographer needs a cup like this.

Steven Berlin Johnson is working on a new book.

In a real sense, Priestley was a kind of lost Founding Father: a hugely important figure to Franklin, Adams, and Jefferson who is barely mentioned today in most accounts of the revolutionary generation. To give you some sense of his role: in the final correspondence between Adams and Jefferson, starting in 1813, Priestley is mentioned 52 times, while Franklin is mentioned five times, and Washington only three. And when you see the Founders through the lens of Priestley’s life, it changes the way we think about the values of the revolutionary generation. (For one, it makes it clear how thoroughly integrated science was with their political worldviews.)

Via Analogue Mag:
cLOUDDEAD ‘Dead Dogs Two’ (BOC mix) Music Video (Unofficial)

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